Dynamic Dancing Tables to Increase Bookings and Reduce Operating Costs

“The present invention represents significant improvements

and delivers great benefits to the venue operators”

Australian Patent Office


“the present invention uses a completely different approach based on different mathematical modelling” – Australian Patent Office

WizButler is the only system that autonomously and dynamically maximises online bookings.

Dynamic booking allocations, Dynamic capacity, Dynamic table layouts and Dynamic floor plans mean you can maximise your revenue by over 25% during a busy service autonomously and without any manual intervention.

Check out these 4 videos to see how the WizButler dynamic system can benefit you!


Dancing tables that can add, remove and rearrange tables to maximise bookings automatically online and in real-time


Dynamic reallocation of previous bookings to maximise the number of booking requests taken and revenue generated


Intelligent allocations linked to your CRM to recognise VIPS and allocate them to their favourite table


Dynamic floor plans that maximise bookings, minimise table movements and provide staff with a “blueprint” as to how to set up and manage the dining room

WizButler is not only the best booking system in the world, it is also the most complete online restaurant reservation system in the world.

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"We have been using WizButler for 2.5 years and WizButler manages all our bookings and capacity autonomously online and in real-time including automated waitlists and generating us over 25% more bookings and revenue than static systems on a busy service."
Natalie Johnson
Director & General Manager
8 at Trinity Restaurant & Bar
"WizButler increased our online bookings from 220 people on a busy seating to 300 people on busy seating, autonomously, online and in real-time without any manual intervention, an increase of over 35% of customers."
Stan Delimitrou
Director & Executive Chef
Left Bank Melbourne
"At Southern Cross University, we only teach the best and most innovative solutions that is why we will start teaching the inventive booking, revenue, capacity and yield concepts of the WizButler system within the core subjects of our Hospitality Degree beginning November 2022."
Paul Weeks
Head of National Academic Programs
The Hotel School, Southern Cross University


WizButler: for your completely customisable and personalised digital transformation and success!

The world's only dynamic booking allocation system and it can be tailored to meet your venue's specific requirements.

Other booking systems offer static and linear allocation systems which, on average, can reject online bookings when your restaurant is only 60% to 65% full. WizButler gives you more online bookings which means more revenue without manual intervention.

With WizButler, you can now optimise your bookings and allocations online to increase your revenue without the cost or need for a telephone call centre facility.

Hotels_Homepage_Restaurant Dining

The world's only real-time, online, autonomous space management system to maximise bookings.

WizButler is the only system in the world that can autonomously add, remove, and rearrange tables and chairs on your floor plan as customer booking requests are received online and in real-time to optimise the number of bookings taken and maximise your revenue

Other systems simply use a fixed and unchanging number of tables for the allocation of booking requests which is a linear and permanent first received first allocation process that has no relationship to the floor space within your venue.

Dynamic Floor Plans
The world's only online real-time system that autonomously and automatically changes table positions and layouts so your staff know how to set up the dining room when they arrive at work.

WizButler dynamically redraws floor plans in line with the allocation process which adds, removes, or changes table locations including changing tabletops in one area of the restaurant or the whole restaurant as it maximises the number of online bookings that it takes following your selected ambience and seating strategy.

WizButler does all this administrative hard work for you, online when your staff are not available plus it allows your staff to stay focused on what is most important - your customer.

WizButler provides a seamless transition between its dynamic online booking process and staff by providing a “blueprint” to floor staff as to how to set up the tables for restaurant service, as well as the table locations during a service.

The world’s only configurable dynamic allocation algorithms to ensure customer booking allocations are always in line with your restaurant strategy.

WizButler's dynamic allocation algorithms can increase bookings taken by between 10% to 100% depending on how flexible your restaurant furniture is when compared to other existing booking systems during a busy service.

Separately, WizButler’s allocation algorithms also include the upselling of premium tables, extending dining durations and other yield management features to further increase your venue’s revenue.

The only system in the world that can dynamically manage and arrange the gaps between tables

Restaurants, unlike airlines, are required to seat all people within the one booking together which creates a complexity that that until now had to be undertaken manually or through inefficient floor plans. WizButler cannot only autonomously add, remove and rearrange tables it can also autonomously adjust the gaps between tables for privacy, health and government regulations and your chosen strategic requirements.

Tables in different sections can have different gaps between them to give each venue flexibility as to the table strategy they wish to follow.

The world's only system that can guarantee your VIPs to their favourite table online and in real-time – Now, that’s customer service!

The WizButler table booking system is linked to your customer CRM and database. As the WizButler system rearranges table allocations online and in real-time and each time a new booking is received, WizButler guarantees that your VIPs will always be treated as VIPs. The best part is that they always get allocated to their favourite tables online and in real-time without any manual intervention.

As you would expect from the world's best and most innovative booking system, no manual reallocations are required, just set and forget.


WizButler offers you the world's only true restaurant and venue yield management system

A mandatory aspect of any yield management is the ability to control capacity and the capacity of a restaurant is its tables and chairs which are its true "inventory". Without the ability to control your inventory (tables and chairs), you cannot create a proper and effective yield management system. WizButler is the only restaurant booking app Australia and in the world that allows you to be in control of your "inventory".

All other booking systems offer simply discount systems or static promotions. WizButler is a truly dynamic yield management system where you can offer different pricing for different tables, different times and different dining durations. It can also add upgrades and upsells during the booking process. A completely new and innovative digital approach that can be tailored easily to meet your preferred digital strategy.

GPO-Cheese-Room-Venue-Concierge-Bookings-Romantic (139)

Create amazing memories for your customers while you upsell and generate more revenue

WizButler's “Butler Service” allows you to add seamless pre-ordering to enhance any dining or hospitality experience with the addition of items for your arrival such as a guaranteed premium or window table with a view, flowers on the table, a personalised card, chilled champagne, premium booking time and extended dining duration. The Restaurant Butler Service options are only limited by your imagination.

This is a completely seamless process with orders being placed in real time with your local florists, chocolate shops and other selected suppliers. Plus, WizButler's "Butler Service" gives you the benefit of generating additional revenue and profit.


A pricing system that can finally do more than just offer discounts

The WizButler system allows you to determine if you wish to charge extra for "premium tables," "extended dining durations," and increase the price of different menu items during peak periods or late-night bookings. WizButler allows you to charge extra for “extra” benefits which is much more than all other competing table booking software that only has the ability to offer discounted promotional offers during low-demand periods.

Further, with the ability to create multiple widgets, there is no need to apply a one-size-fits-all approach to the entire market and specific groups or organisations can be treated separately.

WizButler-Yield-dynamic-capacity-Postales-Restaurant-Venue-Printing-Landscape (5)

Intelligent algorithms change the tables and chairs’ capacity based on the booking requests received online and in real-time

WizButler autonomously, online and in real-time adds tables, changes tables and their orientation, remove tables, adds chairs and removes chairs to ensure more bookings. Additionally, your staff does not need to monitor things manually to maximise your revenue and increase your profit.

It also can dynamically change and control capacity, permitting WizButler to be the only completely autonomous system in the world to offer the world's first restaurant yield management system.

WizButler-Booking-Yield-configurable-widget-austin-distel-2vCqH34PqWs-unsplash-Bar_HappyCustomerUsing App

Don't be limited to just one booking widget or configuration

WizButler offers you the ability to create as many different booking widgets as you feel appropriate. And the best part is, that each booking widget can be configured and tailored completely and differently to the needs of the specific customer target or segment.

Create new marketing channels and direct links with other businesses and social networks.

There is no need to wait for booking customers and their guests to arrive at your restaurant before you start taking care of them

After the booking is made, why not allow the booking customer the ability to invite guests, and pre-order food and beverages and additional items such as flowers to completely enhance and personalise their experience.

This process is not only ideal for customers as it allows them to personalise their experience, but it also allows venues to increase their revenue and minimise food wastage.


The most diverse and comprehensive customer pre-ordering options

As part of the booking process, WizButler allows the booking requestor to invite their guests and for them to access dynamic menus with dynamic pricing.

This allows for pre-orders (and/or pre-pay) for individual items on the menu. The venue can then decide if it wishes to allow the customers to continue ordering after they arrive at the restaurant and have complete integration with kitchen printing and docket management or provide full waiter service.


Be friendlier, communicate with all customers, get to know all your diners and build up your database quicker.

WizButler allows a booking person not only to completely edit their booking details without the necessity of phone calls but also allows them to invite their guests with a personalised photo and message. This way, it will be more engaging and it will create greater awareness of your restaurant and customer loyalty.


Unique, simple, and automated waitlist and standby management

During the booking process, WizButler offers customers the option of alternate times should their preferred time be unavailable. It also allows customers to send an SMS message should they wish to seek further information. However, should an alternate time or message not be the customer’s preferred option, they can automatically join the "waitlist" where they will be kept updated on the restaurant's availability.

During service, when a table is not immediately available, WizButler has a "standby" feature that offers a simple, convenient and automated allocation, SMS messaging, follow-up and confirmation process.


SMS and email messaging systems are available to completely eliminate the need for phone calls and staff managing phones.

WizButler is equipped with an SMS messaging tool for booking confirmations and ad hoc communications to eliminate the need for phone calls. WizButler also offers very affordable SMS and MMS messaging for marketing and promotional activities.

Eliminate Telephone Bookings, simplify your communications and reduce staff costs

With WizButler's simple and easy to use configurable online booking widgets, customers can edit and change their bookings. Moreso, with the benefits of WizButler's real-time dynamic re-allocation process, the need for customers to call the restaurants to make a booking is completely eliminated. Similarly, VIPs are guaranteed to be seated at their favourite table, again eliminating the need for telephone bookings.

The WizButler booking widget allows customers to send SMS messages during and after the booking process to completely eliminate the need for most telephone calls.

The elimination and/or reduction of telephone calls represents huge savings in labour costs.

Would you like a completely automated seating process or a more personalised seating process? The choice is yours!

WizButler offers you the choice of a completely customisable solution to meet, greet and seat customers on arrival at your venue.

The choice varies from an automated option to a completely personalised solution.


Seat customers at their allocated table without a Host

WizButler can advise customers of their allocated table with directions on how to find it so that they can seat themselves.

In cafes and casual dining environments, this is a perfect way to manage your tables and ensure that a single person does not sit at a table for 4 or 6 and deny you revenue when you do not have the luxury of a host.

Walk-in customers can scan a QR code at the front of the restaurant to complete a simple booking process and be allocated a table or allowed to select a table from a set of tables with the correct size for the booking request.

Both booked and walk-in customers are also sent links to access your venues menus so they can also order from their mobile phones providing huge cost savings to venues and increasing revenue.

Seating app for mobile phones

WizButler offers flexibility to seat more people quickly and optimally through the wonders of a mobile seating app. For example, if your venue needs to seat 300 people arriving at the same time. With the WizButler mobile app, you can have multiple people meeting and greeting arriving guests with the convenience of an app on a mobile phone. So, there is no need for big, chunky iPads and Tablets to carry around to identify guests and seat them.

The WizButler mobile seating app has all the functionality required by the most discerning hosts in an easy-to-use mobile phone size. Old-world charm, blending with modern technology in a customer-friendly way.

QR code for walk-in and stand-by customers

No need to have a host to cater for walk-in customers or place them on a stand-by list.

Walk-In customers can simply scan a QR code on arrival for a booking allocation to save time and cost. Then they just to be shown to their allocated table or automatically placed on the standby list. Standby bookings will be automatically notified when their table opens improving efficiency and labour savings.

The world's first autonomous standby system

With the WizButler "standby" system, there’s no need to monitor standby requests, manually send messages or follow up through WizButler's completely autonomous system.

WizButler offers you a smooth and easy transition from booking, managing yield and revenue as well as the before arrival activities to the requirements during a service period

In-service ordering, upsells, revenue enhancement, customer communications, dashboard controls, payments in both cash and credit card and kitchen printing are the focus of activities during the service period.
The total focus continues to be completely customer-centric.

Dine-in, customer ordering options, automatic walk-in and seating allocations

In service ordering without the need to have ugly QR codes on the table, now that is fine dining.

Elegant, user-defined menu layouts, photos or no photos, share recipes, make ordering an experience, not a mandatory chore.

Menus are also configurable by the table, section, group size, and time with dynamic price changes to help maximise your revenue. Payments can be made in cash or electronically

Service complement pre-orders seamlessly and is consolidated when sent to the kitchen for production and a complete in-service solution.

Kitchen Printing

Your choice of kitchen display monitors or traditional docket printers

Save money and save the planet with easy-to-use kitchen displays with control user interfaces.

However, for those that still prefer traditional printed dockets, not a problem - WizButler can do that, too!


Extensive marketing options with integrated newsletters, messaging, CRM & loyalty, URL link builders and promotional tracking.

WizButler offers you complete all-in-one hospitality and restaurant solution.


Why use third party platforms for newsletters when your customer database is already in your WizButler CRM?

WizButler offers you an integrated and easy-to-use newsletter template system with all your analytics and no fixed fees just pay for the newsletter emails you send.


SMS & MMS are available for communication which will significantly reduce or eliminate phone calls

WizButler has an easy to use SMS messaging for booking confirmations and ad hoc communications with your customers so you can reduce or eliminate the need for phone calls. WizButler also offers SMS and MMS messaging for marketing and promotional activities. Pricing is based on usage, with no fixed fees and simply pay for what you use.


Don't have your own website? Or want a simple to use, easy to change the website?

WizButler can help with its simplified restaurant template and built-in content management with booking, ordering, takeaway and gift certificate widgets.

Reward and take care of your regular customers

Own your data and build your customer database with the WizButler CRM & Loyalty App. This is personalised for your venue and linked to your customer database making communication with your customers and rewarding them simple and easy.

Recognizing the importance of customer feedback

Staying in touch and in contact with your customers is an important aspect of staying relevant. A simple to use and powerful customer feedback system is, therefore, a must for any venue WizButler’s 7-star system provides you with the feedback and review mechanisms required today.


Track your promotions

WizButler includes a URL link builder so that you can add the link to your promotions, newsletters and additional widgets, to easily track the success of your promotions and marketing activities.

2016-Melbourne-Cup-People-Dining (134)

Diverse and comprehensive customer ordering options

The WizButler ordering options include upselling, modifiers, additions, inviting guests and many more features:

Dine-in orders without the need for QR codes on the table: whether they pre-order before arriving at the venue or while they are seated at the venue

Takeaway orders: for both pick-up and home delivery

Together with customer communications, messaging payments and kitchen printing, WizButler offers a complete solution.

The most diverse and comprehensive customer ordering options

As part of the booking process, WizButler allows a booking requestor and their guests to access dynamic menus with dynamic pricing.

Access to menus before arrival at the restaurant allows for pre-orders (and/or pre-pay) for items on the menu as well as continuing to order after they arrive at the restaurant plus complete integration with kitchen printing and docket management.

You can also refer to the yield management section for additional personalisation options such as "selling premium tables" and "payment for extended dining durations."


Dine-in, customer ordering options, automatic walk-in and seating allocations

No menu QR code on tables for dine-in ordering!

Why be limited to one menu offering at a time, offer multiple different menus, dynamic pricing and personalisation to increase your revenue.

Menus are also configurable by the table, section, group size and time for the ultimate yield management solution. Transform your offerings and optimise your revenue.

Orders for additional items can be done to complement pre-orders seamlessly. QR code ordering, kitchen printing and payments for a complete ordering and production solution.


Increase your revenue with take away ordering

WizButler offers you the ability to create a separate takeaway menu with different pricing and availabilities to dine in menus using you same product lists so you never have to duplicate anything.

Gift Certificate

Personalised Gift Certificates and Packages

WizButler gift certificates and gift packages allow customers to make them special and personalised with their own special message and photo. Plus, you can schedule and send them electronically or print them and give them personally.

One system, one-floor plan for both normal service and functions

Never be concerned that your normal online bookings will conflict with your functions. Your function widget and normal booking widget use the same “space” and “diary”. Everything is completely integrated you cannot double-book a table or a space for complete peace of mind.

The WizButler function booking system provides function table layouts a floor plans are also completely customisable and “flip” to show floor staff how to set up a space for each different function.

WizButler also provides its own email/chat communication system to keep all your information and run sheets in one place. No need for a manual or separate function management diary and system.


WizButler offers a complete function system

Function menus, spaces, changing floor plans and furniture, timelines, run sheets, guest invites, email/chat communications, diary, to-do list, reminders and many more features All your restaurant and venue activities are coordinated in one complete end-to-end system.

The world's only system offering a completely customisable seamless fusion between activities within a restaurant or venue

By creating the world's first autonomous and optimised booking management solution, WizButler developed the missing piece of the puzzle that permitted the creation of the world's first end-to-end solution.

There is no system more efficient in the world that can offer you greater revenue efficiencies. Therefore, while the individual WizButler modules can offer you special outcomes individually, you can put them all together and have something truly amazing. The world's best restaurant management system is seamless and focused on helping venues achieve their visions in their own personally-crafted way.


Autonomous Revenue Increases of over 20% per week possible by:

  • Dynamic booking reallocations can increase revenue during a busy service by 50%

  • Dynamic floor plans can add tables and rearrange tables to increase capacity by 20%

  • Dynamic pricing

  • Upselling Tables and Pre-ordering

  • Upselling items during the booking process with our automated online Butler Service

  • Yield Management

  • Dynamic ordering and dynamic pricing

Autonomous Cost Benefits of over 20% per week possible by:

  • Reduction in staff time taking telephone calls

  • Reduction in staff time editing bookings

  • Reduction in staff time monitoring and reallocating bookings

  • Reduction in staff time preparing table plans and table arrangements

  • Reduction in staff time handling waitlist and standby lists

  • Reduction in staff time handling no-shows

  • Reduction in staff time with mobile seating app

  • Reduction in staff time taking orders

The above benefits do not include the revenue benefits and cost savings from using other WizButler modules such as ordering and functions which can also be significant.


“Novel,” “Inventive,” “for optimising and allocating bookings within a venue” – International Patent Office.

WizButler ai OpentTable thefork SEVENROOMS Mr Yum me&u
Table & Table Combinations
Space Management
Dynamically reallocates bookings
Autonomously adds and removes tables and chairs
Gaps Between tables adjusted autonomously to optimise space
Variable and dynamic duration times
Autonomously allocates VPIs to their favourite table
Dynamically re-draws table layouts so staff know how to set up the dining room
Customer self seating facility
Integrated function and restaurant booking system
Function calendar, tasks, reminders
Food and beverage packages, quotes, contracts, runsheets
Ordering and Yield Management
Dynamic menus with dynamic pricing and dynamic capacity
Different batching rules for different styles of service
Ordering options from prepaid menus
Dynamic ordering with dynamic floor plans
Plus, many more unique and remarkable features are only available through WizButler (2/2020). Being a hospitality expert is not enough, you need vision and courage to seek excellence!


"As a property developer, I appreciate the benefits of dynamically managing space as compared to managing static tables. WizButler can dynamically and autonomously add, remove and rearrange tables online and in real-time to significantly increase the number of bookings taken and your revenue."
Keith Johnson
CEO & Managing Director
Johnson Property Group
“For a large, busy restaurant like us where booking sizes can vary a lot, WizButler's dynamic booking allocations and dynamically changing table configurations ensure that we do not reject customer bookings and maximise our revenue. WizButler is amazing!”
Gabriea Rodrigues
Restaurant Manager
Eastbank Restaurant
“WizButler apart from autonomously and dynamically managing our bookings and increasing our revenue is an intuitive system, that thinks like you, so it is easy to learn, easy to use making the training of new staff simple and easy.”
Matt Cairns
Restaurant Manager
Searock Grill
“WizButler's dynamic floor plans give staff a perfect blueprint on how to set-up the tables in the restaurant in accordance with the bookings received.”
Kassem Kazal
Marketing Manager
The Rocks Café
“Before WizButler, we needed a full time person 3 days per week just to reallocate and tidy up the allocation of our weekend bookings. We no longer have this expense plus during our busy weekends we use the WizButer QR code to let walk-in customers join the WizButler autonomous standby system allowing us to concentrate on providing exceptional customer service.”
Eddie Muto
Left Bank Melbourne
“With WizButler's dynamic allocation system, I do not need to check our bookings each day as WizButler does that automatically in real time. A huge time saver for me and our revenue and bookings are always maximised.”
Brent Farnsworth
Dish Group
“WizButler is a significant upgrade to our previous booking system, best decision to change.”
Pav Andreou
General Manager
Lugarno Seafood Restaurant
"We trust the WizButler booking allocation explicitly to maximise our revenue, that is why we advise everyone on our website not to call us for urgent last minute bookings but to go online to book."
Natalie Johnson
Director & General Manager
8 at Trinity
“With WizButler’s mobile seating app we can easily seat 300 people within 15 minutes. Plus when we are busy seating people, walk-in customers can use the walk-in QR Code to make a booking, be added to the standby list and get automatically notified when a table is ready.”
John Checcia
Venue Manager
Left Bank Melbourne
"WizButler's dynamic allocation system incorporates the sale of tickets for a new year's eve event as well as a fully-integrated module to give us a complete booking solution. Plus the dynamic floor plans adds, removes, and rearrange tables to optimise online bookings in real time and increase our revenue."
Wass e’M
Operations Manager
ECQ Venues

Join our trusted partners and be part of the revolution!

8 At Trinity
Leftbank Melbourne
Dunes by Dish
Sorrisos by Dish
The Rocks Cafe
Lugarno Seafood Restaurant
Searock Grill


At WizButler, we believe that we need to address the core issue facing your business, making your business more efficient and more autonomous to increase your revenue and reduce your costs in tangible and measurable ways and not slick marketing campaigns about aspects of your business that are not core elements. In fact, the more complex your operation and the busier your service is the more you need the benefits WizButler offers.
That is why we have solved your core booking, operational and revenue management issues and provide you with the tools and time savings so that you can focus on customer service, building your brand and attracting and building direct relationships with customers so that they are yours and do not “belong” to a “middle-man” booking platform.

WizButler, is the ultimate system, as it makes hard tasks you currently do manually easy!

That is why we recommend when doing your research for a new restaurant booking system, be diligent, seek proof for claims made, do thorough research and you will find WizButler is the right solution for you.

The common representations made by other restaurant booking platforms that you should consider carefully include:

1. Made by hospitality professionals for hospitality professionals

You should not be misled by the marketing referring to things like booking systems being “made by hospitality professionals for hospitality professionals.” The only thing that matters is the benefits that they can deliver to your business, nothing more. The questions are therefore simple: can they autonomously optimise your online bookings, can they manage your online allocations properly, do they save you time so that you do not need to manually reallocate bookings, do they provide completely autonomous waitlist standby and no-show functionality just to name few requirements that would transform your business? WizButler can!

2. Guests’ experiences

Never be impressed by gimmicks such as systems proposing to deliver “guest experiences” which simply rely on manual tags, manual searches and gimmicky emails being sent after the event. Tags, searches and emails are simply administrative tools that are not important enough to highlight as major features in optimising your bookings and revenue. For example, did you know that existing restaurant booking systems use search algorithms and allocation processes that can easily reject bookings when you are only 60% to 65% full, as they are incapable of rearranging existing bookings to accommodate the new bookings? Rejecting bookings and revenue when you are only 60% to 65% full is not compensated by manual tags and gimmicky emails. Irrespective, WizButler does offer its own built-in CRM, tags, emails and newsletters as part of bringing you the most complete restaurant system in the world.

3. Marketing your restaurant

It is an exaggeration for booking systems to promise to market your restaurant and bring you more customers when they focus on offering loyalty programs targeted to their brand and to their booking platform and not your restaurant. What’s even worse is they charge you a fee for reservations for people that were looking for your restaurant, to begin with. Our experience has shown that your restaurant’s online bookings will increase when you stop using these marketing platforms as you cut out the “middle man” who has a different agenda. A significant benefit of the WizButler autonomous system is that it brings you free time so that you can focus on getting the critical things right like customer service and the tools to market your venues, like promotional tracking, newsletters and targeted campaigns.

4. Drag and Drop functionality for manual booking reallocations

Do not be swayed by systems that promote their “Drag and Drop” feature as something that is amazing and can save you a lot of time. Drag and Drop functionality is only beneficial when your booking system is incapable of doing things properly and you are required to fix up the allocation mess made by your booking system. Further, Drag and Drop features are inefficient. For example, the Drag and Drop feature allows you to put a booking for 10 people on a table of two, it allows the booking that is being displaced by the Drag and Drop to conflict with another booking, plus the process is incapable of intelligently reallocating the displaced booking.
Simply put, “Drag and drop” is only of benefit in situations where the booking system is incapable of optimising the bookings and you are required to do this manually by trial and error if a booking has been taken and not rejected.
With WizButler’s autonomous online real-time dynamic booking optimisation booking requests are properly re-arranged and re-allocated with tables added, tables removed and tables rearranged instantly and immediately displayed on your dynamic floor plan. As such, there is no need for a manual “drag and drop” feature as the hard work is already done for you, plus WizButler does not reject bookings when your dining room is only 60% – 65% full.

5. Integrations

All booking systems, refer to their long list of integrations with other restaurant systems. However, very few, if any, of these integrations are completely autonomous requiring you to manually maintain the integrity of those integrations. With your limited time and use of valuable resources, you do not have the time to manually keep all these promoted integrations current and updated each time you make a change to your operations. As such, these integrations add no real value to your business.
Like everything else, ask how you set up these integrations and what the process is to maintain the integration links if you change your operations, like opening hours, booking constraints, menus offered, etc. Are you required to maintain two databases and where each database does not offer you a complete picture of all your data? WizButler offers you a complete solution with one system, one database and everything at your fingertips.

6. Data

The ownership of the data relating to your customers has been a hot topic for many years. Hence, most questions surrounding “your customers’ data” have been asked such as; Where is the data stored? How can I get access to the data? How can I search and analyse the data?

The approach by WizButer is simple, it is your data, stored in your own data area and you can access and analyse it at any time at your convenience.

7. Fees

Some booking platforms market that you only need to pay a fixed fee with no hidden charges for per person booking fees. Plus, most booking platforms offer different subscription tiers such as “basic,” “standard” and “professional” supposedly to better meet the needs of individual restaurants.

Don’t be tricked, whether you are a 50-seat restaurant, a 200-seat restaurant or a 500-seat restaurant you are dealing with the same problems and the same issues as everyone else. In fact, if you are only a 50-seat restaurant you probably have fewer resources than a 500-seat restaurant so the last thing you need is a booking system with less functionality. In fact, there is a strong argument that smaller restaurants need more systems automation than large restaurants. For large restaurants, the need for better systems, more efficient systems, automation and autonomous systems are more evident simply because of their scale. In your review of the right booking system if you are a small restaurant, don’t think you do not need or can survive without certain key features or if you are a large restaurant that you can supplement the system manually, you can’t.

The right system for you is the system that will deliver the most cost-effective benefits to you, not the cheapest system or the most popular system. Be prudent, take your time and make the right choice for you.

WizButler is the only dynamic booking system, offers the only dynamic allocation system, the only system that can add tables, remove tables and rearrange tables to maximise your revenue, reducing your need for telephone bookings and associated staff costs as well as staff costs associated with manual reallocations and preparing a table layout for staff as to how to set up the dining room.

WizButler’s pricing model is a simple monthly flat fee of only $99 for your own database and use of the fully-featured WizButler booking system. Then a simple charge of only 5 cents per person for the dynamic allocation processes which use far more resources than the static allocation processes of other booking platforms. With WizButler, your fee will only increase when you get busier and when you get busier, the benefits of the WizButler autonomous system become even bigger and more important!


At WizButler, our policy is to encourage you to examine, understand and compare the different booking platforms {Seven Room, Open table, Resdiary, Now Book It, The Fork and Resy} and ordering systems {Me and U, Mr. Yum and Hungry Hungry} currently available so that you can make the best decision. In this regard, we are a bit shellfish, as we know WizButler is not only the best booking system in the world, it is also the most complete and fully featured and configurable restaurant system in the world that not only meets your current needs but your future needs as well.

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WizButler’s 4D innovative restaurant 3.0 system, light years ahead

The world’s most scientific, advanced and professional real-time online booking system, including configurable widgets, variable duration times, differentiating premium tables, dynamic algorithms and floor plans, table and floor plan flipping, automatically seating VIPs to their favourite table, mobile phone seating app, automatic waitlist and standby management, online butler service, configurable emails, customer messaging and so much more.

for a bespoke price to suit your individual and specific requirements.

Additional modules are available such as pre-service, in-service and takeaway orders, upselling, dynamic menus and pricing, gift certificates, newsletters, CRM and customer loyalty, and other unique features for a small additional charge. 


Here are the most frequently asked questions
Subscription & Payment

The WizButler online Booking System has been designed to offer all the features a restaurant, cafe or bar may need to operate efficiently and far exceeds the current ability of all other competing online booking systems. From that perspective, the WizButler Online Booking System includes:

  • The Dynamic, optimised autonomous and intelligent reservations booking system including the addition and removal of tables
  • The patent-pending dynamic booking allocation system
  • The dashboard and its operational functionality
  • Floor Plan builder/creator, with different areas, different classes and sections
  • Automatic waitlist and standby
  • Automatic seating of VIPs to their favourite table
  • Configurable website widgets and a completely configurable booking form
  • Collection of credit card details, pre-authorisation, deposits, full payments, automatic collection of no-show fees and refunds

The WizButler Online Booking System offers optimisation and transformation of current processes that are far more advanced than any other competing system and can optimise and digitally transform your restaurant beyond the capabilities of any other existing system.

As the WizButler intellectual property and technology, are so extensive there are numerous additional WizButler modules that complement and can be seamlessly added to the WizButler Booking System that would give your restaurant the ability to further enhance and redefine your digital strategy and transformation. While WizButler will help each restaurant understand its options and offer suggestions, the decision comes down to each individual restaurant and its digital strategy. 

Yes, all you need to do is simply login to your account and you can add additional modules and functionality at any time.
After you subscribe for any additional WizButler modules, this information will be updated and added seamlessly to your existing WizButler Online Booking System within a two-week period by the WizButler team and you will be advised as soon as the installation is completed. When you subscribe to any additional modules you will also be provided with additional training through video tutorials, video conferencing or face to face training.


If you elect for WizButler to install and set up your system, we will send you an information package requesting the current corporate details of your organisation, a detailed floor plan of your restaurant, details of your available furniture, your trading hours, menus and other operational constraints within 7 days of receiving your request.

WizButler will then set up your restaurant or group as a client within the WizButler System which will be undertaken within 14 days from the receipt of your successfully completed information package.

Once your system is set up your staff can be trained on your system by signing in to our daily video conference training sessions. Your training and progress with the system will then be monitored over the subsequent two-week period and advice offered on how to ensure that your venue is optimising the benefits of the WizButler system.

Waitstaff: The WizButler system has intentionally been set up so that user screens look similar to other existing systems to simplify and speed up the training of your staff when you migrate to WizButler from another system. For regular users such as waiters to learn how to navigate and use WizButler, we believe half a day training session is sufficient. This training can be undertaken through video tutorials or video conferencing or by onsite face to face training.

WizButler System Administrator: As the WizButler system is so different to all other existing systems with a completely new framework and infrastructure we recommend that your designated system administrator is given time to get familiar with the WizButler system before taking your WizButler system live and training other team members.

No, you do not need any special equipment to use the WizButler system as it is a cloud-based web application so all you need is a browser. You do not even need to download an app. We recommend the use of Google’s Chrome Browser. We also recommend the use of a 24-inch touch screen for large busy sit-down restaurants that have a formal host station. However, the system is mobile friendly and can be just as effectively used on an iPad, mini iPad or tablet by a host who does not want to be limited by a fixed reception station.

Live Video Training Conferences: These are daily conferences held during office hours Monday to Friday, where a WizButler trainer interacts and trains your staff. Registration for the course is required at least 2 days before your preferred course day and the course fee is $100 for Australian participants.

Private Video Training Conferences: These can be arranged for any WizButler subscriber by inquiring through our email system. The costs will vary based on the type of training required and the length of the training sought.

Training at our facilities: These can be arranged for any WizButler subscriber by inquiring through our email system. The costs will vary based on the type of training required and the length of the training sought.

Site visit to your restaurant: These can be arranged for any WizButler subscriber by inquiring through our email system. The costs will vary based on the type of training required and the length of the training sought.

Yes, you can transfer all customer data from your current systems to WizButler as long as you have access to that data and that data is not the “ownership” and proprietary information of your current system supplier. In the event that your historical data is the “ownership” and proprietary information of your current booking system provider then we suggest that you should leave that supplier as a matter of priority otherwise you will always be at their mercy.

Of course, as the WizButler system work and uses a completely different framework your restaurant will need to be set up using the proprietary WizButler customer framework and information such as the table and table combinations lists currently used by your existing restaurant systems will be completely redundant. As such, the restaurant constraints within your current system represent useless and unnecessary information.

Absolutely, WizButler has its own built-in system for creating marketing campaigns and specific promotions and tracking those events so that you can measure their success. WizButler also has its own analytics tracking so that you can see the source of any booking as well as see why booking requests that we started but never completed giving you a powerful analytics platform to complement Google Analytics.

Yes, with over 20 years of experience in operating and running restaurants, cafes, bars, counter service food operations, functions and events for over 1,500 people Peter Petroulas and the WizButler Management team can not only show you how to use the WizButler system to its full potential, but they can also help you determine the best strategy for your restaurant, design more efficient kitchen layouts, improve operations, etc. In fact, the WizButler team can help you with any aspect related to your venue and its operations.

No, at present WizButler is the only system in the world that offers the patented Petroulas invention, framework, algorithms and booking methodology.

Other online booking companies are invited to seek integrations to the WizButler system or to license the patented Petroulas inventions.


Simply send us an email and any issues will be addressed within 24 hours. If anything is urgent, contact us, and it will be attended to immediately.

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