Harbour Cruises

Enhance your harbour cruise with a seamless booking process and personalised upgrades. Give your customers greater personalisation while generating more revenue.

Take your cruising business to the next level by incorporating a personalised configurable booking system that autonomously controls your capacity and can yield manage your bookings to increase your revenue.

WizButler is an autonomous configurable harbour cruising booking system that can increase and manage your bookings and generate more revenue for you

Lunch and Dinner harbour cruises are a magical way to explore a new city. Enhance your customer’s experience while increasing your revenue in a seamless hassle-free manner with WizButler.

The best thing about WizButler is it is a complete all-in-one restaurant booking platform allowing multiple pick up and departure points, customer messaging, pre-ordering and food production planning, on-cruise ordering, dynamic capacity, yield management, dynamic pricing, revenue management, no-shows, cancellations, newsletters, customer feedback all in one easy to use and autonomous system.

Unique Features

Ideal for Multiple Areas and Multiple Decks

WizButler allows you to easily yield manage your harbour cruise decks and floor plans to maximise your profit through differentiating all available spaces, areas and decks. It can also offer different menus and styles of service on different decks or spaces within your cruise ship.

Unlimited Menu Flexibility

WizButler allows you to have different menus not only in different decks and different spaces but also on different tables and at different times, including different for different events or functions at the same time.

Messaging & Chat System

WizButler allows your customers to communicate with you for information confirmation and other important details before departure or simply to let you know that they are running late or have a problem. With the fixed schedules and deadlines that apply to departures and activities for harbour cruises, our messaging and chat system aims to take away the stress from customers and your cruise staff at those critical and stressful deadline points in time.


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