Loyalty & Experiences

There is nothing more important than recognising a customer that comes to your site to make a booking and retaining the loyalty of your customers by providing them with memorable experiences.

The WizButler CRM & Loyalty App can be integrated into the main WizButler system so your customers can enjoy the benefits

A personalised system for your venue and linked to your customer database.

Communication made easy and rewarding your customers and their guests to ensure they return.


CMR & Loyalty

Rewarding your customers allows you to make and keep them as regulars

Customers love talking about memorable experiences, especially about dining, food and restaurant adventures. When you care for your customers, they’ll care to share their experience with others, making them want to experience the same thing.

The WizButler CRM and Loyalty app provide a personalised system linking your venue widgets to your customer database, hence, ensuring they are always recognised and making communication and rewarding them are made simple and easy.