WizButler Bookings

The world’s best restaurant booking system is here… Try WizButler and experience the difference!

A complete customer-centric cloud system that allows restaurants to tailor their dining offerings and rules, add third party services, allow diners to invite their guests, allow diners to pre-order food and beverages as well as continue to order when seated at the restaurant using their own device without the need for ugly QR codes on the tables meals. The system also a includes completely integrated functions and events module as well as messaging, newsletters, loyalty and many other features to give you a completely integrated end to end system.

WizButler is Completely configurable to transform and personalise your digital restaurant strategy

Australian Patent Office:

“The present invention represents significant improvements and delivers great benefits to the venue operators”

“Indeed, the present invention uses a completely different approach based on different mathematical modelling and algorithms resulting in different specific outcomes”

International Patent Office:

“The cited prior art published before the relevant date does not disclose a computing system (and method) for optimising and allocating bookings within a venue (restaurant) having one or more spaces”

World First Features Include:

Space Management

Real-time, online, autonomous space management to maximise bookings.

Adds, removes, rearranges and re-positions tables and chairs according to requests, autonomously and in real-time to meet the requirements of the individual booking requests to ensure that bookings taken are optimised and your revenue is maximised. Also, very importantly, allocations for second and subsequent seating allocation or subsequent use of tables are allocated in such a way that any table movements are minimised.

For example, a booking on a table combination of 5 tables of 2 people that have been combined for a booking of 10 people, would be followed by another booking for 10 people on that tale combination, if such a request existed, the system would avoid splitting those 5 tables to take 5 bookings of 2 people for the subsequent seating as such an allocation is not only space inefficient but also unnecessarily more labour intensive and more disruptive during a service period.    

Other booking systems generally reject online booking requests when your restaurant is only 60% – 65% full. This is one feature that makes WizButler stand out. It never rejects a booking received, as it dynamically rearranges the furniture within your space online and in real-time (without manual intervention) to ensure that the booking can be taken.

Dynamic Floor Plans

Want the best table layout for your restaurant?

WizButler can do just that! It can change tables, tabletops and floor plans in one area or the entire restaurant to maximise the online bookings accepted accordingly with your selected ambience and seating strategy.

These dynamic table layouts and floor plans are then presented to your restaurant staff so that they have a to-scale floor plan that acts as a “blueprint” on how they need to set up the tables for each specific restaurant service. Even better, it shows your staff how to rearrange your tables and chairs for subsequent seatings or subsequent bookings.

Dynamic Allocation Algorithms 

Flexible and configurable dynamic allocations

WizButler offers you allocation algorithms that are dynamic to ensure your revenue is maximised and the different aspects of your business operation are optimised.

WizButler’s dynamic allocation algorithms can increase bookings taken between 10% to 100% when compared to other existing booking systems during a busy service.

Allocation algorithms include optimisation for ambience or other constraints, as well as catering for ticketing and functions & events.

Table Positioning for Ambiance and Health (Social Distancing)

Manage gaps between tables

WizButler provides autonomous management for the rearrangement of tables within your restaurant in accordance with booking requests, such that the gaps between tables that have been combined or rearranged are also organised to comply with your restaurant’s chosen distance or ambience requirements as well as any required health planning or social distancing requirements.

VIP Seating

WizButler will always seat your VIPs at their favourite table

As WizButler is completely dynamic, online and in-real-time such as booking requests made by your VIP customers are always allocated to their favourite table. No need for them to call you during Office hours or bother you at odd hours with a telephone call to ensure you know it is them. This way your VIP customers can make bookings anytime and know that they will be taken care of! Similarly, if they wish to edit their booking, the system can recognise them and ensure that they are properly taken care of.

Simply put, your VIPs will always be treated as VIPs and will always be allocated to their favourite tables online and in real-time 24/7, now that is VP treatment!