Takeaway Ordering

Don’t settle with in-service orders, increase your revenue with take away orderings as well. Offering takeaway orders, even if only for pick-up during your off-peak times is a simple and easy way to increase your restaurant’s revenue.

The WizButler takeaway menus are easy to set up and integrated into your normal restaurant dine-in activity to provide easy coordination and efficiency. Ordering options do not just include pre-ordering and in-service ordering but also takeaway ordering.

The system is a complete solution that includes customer messaging, payments and kitchen printing for takeaway ordering. It’s like having your personal restaurant butler take away assistance in the palm of your hand!


Take Away

Increase your revenue with takeaway offering

WizButler offers you the ability to create different takeaway menus with different pricing and food and beverage offerings that are integrated with dine-in orders to simplify and better understand the impact on the kitchen and to control online availability.