Experience a hassle-free and seamless solution for your multi-venue business.

Making the complex simple is WizButler’s expertise, hence, ideal for restaurants or businesses with multiple venues in different locations and different time zones to be visible and controlled in one location or for the responsibilities to be distributed with a completely configurable and personalised set-up options.

WizButler provides personalisation, and dynamic optimisation to deliver amazing benefits to multiple-venue businesses

Multi-location, multi-style, multi-menu, multi-constraints and multi-offerings of a multi-venue establishment are made easy with the hassle-free and seamless autonomous WizButler 4D booking, operational and management system. We offer a truly individual and success-driven solution to multi-venue groups, while making it easier for your guests to find restaurant availability.

No matter how complex or intricate your service standards or business needs are, WizButler is here to make it simple for you!

Unique Features

Completely Configurable By Space

The WizButler offers different booking widgets, different allocation algorithms, and different space management to ensure each part of your venue, space and location will always support your brand and its unique customer offerings.

Complete Personalisation and Recognition

WizButler’s online booking widgets are connected to your customer database and CRM so that customers can recognise online ads in real-time and through this personalisation they can be seated at their favourite table if you have highlighted them as a VIP in your database. No other restaurant booking system in the world can help you offer such a service to your customers and relieve the burden of manually undertaking this task by your staff.

The real-time messaging system also allows an owner to send a message to a customer dining from anywhere in the world, now that is a completely new level of personal attention.

WizButler also allows for data sorting and data mining and data manipulation to create targeted promotions and personalised through WizButler e-Newsletter, SMS and MMS communications to increase customer engagement, customer visits and upselling.

Similarly, WizButler’s, “Butler Services” Module allows the venue to offer additional items that restaurants do not normally offer such as flowers for a guest or the table to be seamlessly be organised by a guest when they are making a booking with orders automatically sent directly to the third parties to provide those services to further personalise and enhance the dining experience. Additionally, items can be offered to a booking customer when they make a booking such as an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne next to their table on their arrival again to make the entire arrival and welcoming process far more memorable and personalised for the customer and the generation of additional revenue for the venue.

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Space Control Centre

WizButler's unique dashboard offers an amazing space control panel where you can control all aspects of a service in any venue, similar to an aeroplane cockpit irrespective of where you are.

Completely integrated Functions Booking System

WizButer offers a completely integrated a la carte booking system and an events and function booking system. This integration ensures you can easily, comfortably and seamlessly use your restaurant space as a function venue to increase revenue.


Your WizButler database contains all your customer details, as well as provides you with tools to filter and interrogate your database you have all the information you need to use the WizButler modules to send email newsletters, SMS messages and MMS promotions to your loyal customers in at a cheaper cost than through other independent non-integrated solutions

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