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A hassle-free restaurant and cafe booking system for table reservations and menu ordering.
The perfect all-in-one dynamic booking and integrated ordering system for all restaurants and cafés.

WizButler is the world’s first autonomous configurable restaurant and café system to support your strategy

Restaurants and cafes spend a lot of money to attract potential customers to their websites. The best part is that you can now take advantage of all the hard work you do to get customers to your website by attending to their requests directly from your website and even before they set foot in a restaurant or café with WizButler.

It can be frustrating for customers trying to book restaurants or cafés but getting rejected just because of simple, static booking allocation systems. However, with the WizButler’s dynamic booking allocations and autonomous Restaurant 3.0 system customers can enjoy a better chance of getting seat allocations when they need them plus the benefit of personalising their dining experience through WizButler’s yield management and Butler service offerings.

Another amazing feature that restaurant and café owners can take advantage of when they opt for WizButler’s ordering system is its pre-ordering and in-service ordering features.  Customers can access the restaurant’s menu and pre-order food and other special requests.

Unique Features

Space Management, Dynamic Optimisation

Whatever your restaurant and café style is, you can configure the WizButler system to maximise the number of online, real-time bookings taken to increase your revenue and personalise the customer experience.

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Pre-Orders and In-Service Ordering

WizButler allows the booking requester to invite guests and for everyone to be able to pre-order their meals and other special requests. They can continue to have in-service ordering as they please without the need for ugly QR codes being placed on tables.

Takeaway Orders

Takeaway order features are integrated with dining orders and presented directly to your kitchen or bar for preparation. WizButler offers an easy setup with simple to understand controls, so you can coordinate both dine-in and takeaway orders.

SMS, MMS & Promotional Messaging

SMS and MMS messaging are integrated into the restaurant or café’s system for easier sending of promotional messages to your customer database. This way your customers are informed and aware of all the perks and promotions your business offers.

WizButler-Booking-Yield-configurable-widget-austin-distel-2vCqH34PqWs-unsplash-Bar_HappyCustomerUsing App
Integrated Individual Booking and Functions

No more hassles of maintaining two separate and distinct systems! Functions are made easy through our WizButler integrated platform which results in confirmed functions being displayed on the same floor plan as your normal a la carte bookings. This table booking software, therefore, eliminates confusion, double bookings and other errors while permitting you to maximise your revenue.

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Integrated Membership & Loyalty App

WizButler 3.0 System captures all your customer data including all booking and transaction history. This information allows you to personalise and tailor-fit to provide memorable and worthwhile guest experiences.

Vivid Sydney 2014. Image courtesy of Destination NSW.
Personal Websites Available

Providing a website that suits your needs and restaurant or café structure, your WizButler team can do it for you. If you need help, WizButler can offer you templates that include all links and widgets for bookings, ordering, gift certificates, and customer loyalty. This is made simple for your venue with an autonomous content management and cafe booking system. Alternatively, WizButler can also assist to set up and maintain your website.

Guest Experience Made Special for Your Customers

WizButler Gift Certificate allows you to include a personalised photo and personalised message to make it even more special.

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