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Hassle-free bar and club bookings and orderings.

The world’s first autonomous and real-time space management for club and bar booking system.

WizButler can autonomously add, remove, and rearrange tables and chairs on your bar and club floor plan

The allocation algorithms of WizButler can optimise the space and furniture within the space of your bar or club. It can also cater to ticket sales when applicable.

Many people go to bars and clubs to unwind and relax. After a long week of work, your customers deserve to be treated so why not let them book a table and have a guaranteed seat when they get there.

With WizButler, the table booking system for bars and clubs is made easy and hassle-free.


Unique Features

Tables, Booths, and Bottle Service

WizButler's unique allocation algorithms allow you to determine how you wish to manage tables, booths, menus, and bottle service within your bar or club space, not just to maximise your revenue but to retain and maintain customer loyalty as well.

Entry Fee & Door Charge

As a part of the booking process, WizButler can manage entry fees and door charges to your bar or club. It can also offer pre-arrival ordering as soon as your customers get to the premises.

Entry fees
Pre-ordering for dine-in bookings

The WizButler system provides the convenience of pre-ordering food right after confirming your customer’s booking is completed and they are sent a receipt email. From a link on their booking receipt, email buttons are incorporated allowing the booking customer to invite their guests with a personalised message and photo apart from making their dining experience more personal. All guests including the person that generated the booking will have access to a “button” which they can click to see their selected menu and from which they can pre-order seamlessly.

The benefits of this process are that a restaurant can have a number of different menus with different pricing from which customers can select from offering more personalisation to customers while sometimes allowing a restaurant to better yield manage and increase their revenue.

The booking customer is also provided with a dining experience page where they can go and see which of their guests have accepted their invitation and who has ordered plus links to make edits or changes to their booking and invitations for a complete booking management process.

When arriving at the restaurant as the booking customer and all the guests already have access to the menu, they can simply continue to order any additional items. All pre-ordered and in-service ordered items are automatically managed and sent to the kitchen and bar to be made for a completely seamless customer experience.

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Private Space for Group Events

If your customers want to book an “area” for a group event like birthdays and other important occasions, through the WizButler Functions and Events module you simply add the requested details into the system, send the customer a contract, a request for payment and when the payment is received and you confirm the booking to your venues, the floor plan is automatically adjusted with the “function” details and any normal a la carte booking that had been taken in that area are reallocated to other areas within the venue.

WizButler offers you a completely integrated Functions and Event system for group bookings with special requirements with your normal day to day restaurant activities. This is simply another world's first for the WizButler system.

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