Functions & Events

Today, every restaurant is also a function centre, especially during quiet times or when a function client is willing to pay you a premium above your normal a la carte trading. As such, an integrated a la carte and Function system is mandatory to ensure the revenue potential for your venue is maximised and double bookings and other operational problems from operating a manual function booking system are eliminated.

WizButler offers the world’s first completely seamless a la carte and functions & events system to ensure maximum efficiencies and eliminate double bookings.

WizButler offers a completely seamless function & event system within your normal restaurant operations

All your restaurant and venue activities are coordinated in one completely end-to-end system.
The world’s only system offering a completely customisable seamless integration between activities within a restaurant or venue.



Your functions are integrated with your space management system to coordinate all your bookings

Are you about to cancel your restaurant bookings because of a big event that conflicts with a function or event? With WizButler, you never have to be concerned about your normal online bookings conflicting with your functions. Our amazing space management system is integrated and coordinated to use the same floor plan and diary so there will never be any conflict.

Your functions are also fully controlled and coordinated through WizButler with its own email/chat communication system to keep all your information and run sheets in one place.

End-to-End Solution

The world’s first restaurant table booking system offering a seamless solution

WizButler is the world’s first autonomous and optimised booking management solution that developed the missing piece of the puzzle, permitting the creation of an end-to-end solution. There is no system more efficient in the world that can offer you greater revenue efficiencies than the WizButler.

Therefore, while the individual WizButler modules can offer you special outcomes individually, putting them all together is when you can have something truly special. The world’s best restaurant management system that is seamless and focused on helping venues achieve their visions in their own personally crafted way.