Yield Management

WizButler is the world’s first and only restaurant yield management system embedded in the best restaurant booking app.

Revenue and yield management are so much more than simply offering discounts during off-peak periods.

Yield Management at its best and for the first time within a restaurant environment!

WizButler the world’s first and only complete restaurant yield management system

The complete dynamic system giving you the ability to charge more for a premium table, charge more for extended durations, charge more for a premium dining time or offer a premium serve while at the same time controlling and optimising your capacity.


Personalisation during the booking process

Create amazing memories for your customers while you upsell and generate more revenue

WizButler’s “Butler Service” allows you to add a further personal touch to an already personalised offering for your customers. It includes a seamless ordering for items and services not traditionally offered by restaurants, such as flowers, chocolates, etc., for the tabletop as well as items normally offered by restaurants such as the placement of an ice bucket with a bottle of Champagne next to a table to elevate the customer’s arrival experience and set the scene to enhance your customer’s dining experience.

Similarly, a restaurant could allow a customer to pre-order and prepay for premium pre-order only services like caviar, truffle, premium or hard to find wines that are not normally offered on the restaurant’s standard menu. All of these items are simple and easy to set up with direct connections to suppliers meaning there is minimal extra work for the restaurant.

Other additional personalisation items have been described under yield management. These options include: “selling premium tables” and “payment for extended dining durations.”

Dynamic Pricing

A pricing system that can finally do more than just offer discounts

The WizButler system allows you to determine if you wish to charge extra for “special tables” such as tables with a view as compared to tables at the back of the restaurant and “extending dining durations.” For customers that wish to stay longer or arrive earlier Your restaurant may also increase the price of different menu items during peak periods or late at night when wage cost penalty payments may apply. Only WizButler can allow you with a complete dynamic pricing system so that you can charge extra for extra benefits. This is much more than a simple offering of discounted promotional offers during low demand periods.

Dynamic Capacity

Intelligent algorithms can change the capacity offered

Increase or decrease your capacity by changing the allocation rules for your restaurant. For example, capacity in an area of the restaurant is only opened or offered by the allocation algorithm if other areas are full. It can use table heads when the restaurant is full and it can apply different rules in different circumstances. By doing so, you can significantly increase your revenue profitability in a way that meets your individual restaurant strategy.

Multiple Configurable Widgets

Don’t be limited to one widget or one type of widget configuration

WizButler offers you the ability to create as many different widgets as you feel appropriate and each widget can be configured completely, differently, and tailored to its specific cannel, customer target and situation.