Pre-Service Orders

WizButler allows the booking person to easily and simply invite his guests with a personalised message and even a personalised photo.

Plus, it allows the booking person and all his guests to pre-order all or part of their meal before arriving at the restaurant. They can also continue to order once at the restaurant.

Let’s your customers plan and customise their experience

The ultimate guest experience!

Let customers pre-order and give your restaurant the advantage of being able to pre-plan and ensure the perfect outcome every time.


Pre-orders for Dine-in

The most diverse and comprehensive customer ordering options

As part of the booking process, WizButler allows the booking requestor and his guests to access dynamic menus with dynamic pricing even before they arrive at the restaurant.

This allows for pre-orders (and/or pre-pay) for individual items on the menu as well as continuing to order after they arrive at the restaurant with complete integration for kitchen printing and docket management.

You may also refer to the yield management section for additional personalisation options including “selling premium tables” and “payment for extended dining durations.”

Invite Guests

Now’s the best time to widen your database. Be friendly and add your customer’s guest’s information to your database.

WizButler allows a booking person not only to completely edit their booking details without the necessity of phone calls but also allows them to invite guests with a personalised message and even a personalised photo.

Here’s the best part… While most other restaurant booking systems end with a seat reservation, Wizbutler creates an opportunity for customers and their invited guests to pre-order and continue to order in-service as part of the booking system. This gives restaurants a perfect way to add value to their booking process while increasing the number of people in their database.


Unique, simple and automated waitlist and standby management

During the booking process, WizButler offers customers the option of alternate times should their preferred time be unavailable. It also allows customers to send an SMS message should they wish to seek further information.

If an alternate time or messaging system is not the customer’s preferred option, they can automatically join the “waitlist” where they will be kept updated. Separately during the service, WizButler offers a simple, convenient, and automated allocation and SMS messaging called “standby” to manage and control customers when the table is not immediately available.


SMS and MMS are available for communication which can eliminate phone calls

WizButler has an easy to use SMS messaging system for booking confirmations and ad hoc communications with your customers so you can eliminate the need for phone calls. WizButler also offers SMS and MMS messaging for marketing and promotional activities.

Eliminate Calls

No need for telephones with our completely autonomous and intelligent online boking process

With WizButler’s simple and easy to use configurable online booking widgets, customers can edit and change their bookings. The WizButler’s real-time dynamic re-allocation process is also beneficial as it completely eliminates the need for customers to call the restaurants to make a booking. Similarly, VIPs are guaranteed to be seated at their favourite table, again eliminating the need for telephone bookings.

The WizButler booking widget also allows customers to send SMS messages during the booking process without the need to make a phone call. Hence, making it hassle-free for customers to book your restaurant.

The elimination and/or reduction of telephone calls offers huge savings in labour costs.