The WizButler founder and developer have over 20 years in owning, operating and managing hospitality venues plus an intimate understanding of the technical requirements of modern hospitality businesses.

The Restaurant of the Future!

Restaurants need to use technology to define their strategies. When you are not bound by technology, its inefficiencies, unnecessary integrations and complexities can greatly slow down your business. But you don’t have to fret anymore, especially, now that WizButler is available.

WizButler is the world’s first and only intelligent booking system offering unprecedented capacity control, space management, revenue optimisation, dynamic pricing and personalisation for the world’s first complete yield management system. More specifically, WizButler offers the following to restaurants:

  • A framework that is completely dynamic, optimised, autonomous and intelligent;
  • A framework to differentiate your space, time, products and services;
  • A system to add experiences and third-party services to a restaurant that could not have been contemplated in the past;
  • Customer personalisation and customer flexibility;
  • A framework and communication process to offer different products and services to different websites, different portals, marketplaces, partners, and customers;
  • A framework to completely control capacity by website, portal, marketplace, partners and customers;
  • A strategist to help define your restaurant’s techniques and select the algorithms that best suit your restaurant’s structure; and
  • A framework for the complete control of the operational aspects of a restaurant’s service.

WizButler is the ultimate online restaurant booking system Australia and the world as it lets a restaurant gain control of its capacity, optimise bookings and revenue, differentiate a restaurant’s space, services, menus and offerings, introduce dynamic pricing, improve margins and reduce labour, operational and system costs more than any other system!

WizButler is the first “Restaurant 3.0” system. We call it a Restaurant 3.0 system as the concept of Restaurant 2.0 is simply a process of looking to do different things, it is not a system, process or concept that gives you the tools to create anything. WizButler, on the other hand, gives you the tools and ability to create a difference, hence, it is more correct that WizButler is referred to as the Restaurant 3.0 system.

We would be happy to assist you to create and tailor a complete Restaurant 3.0 solution to the specific requirements of your restaurant.


If other booking platforms would like to license the WizButler booking technology (patent approved and patents pending) or integrate it into the WizButler booking system please send us a message and we will be happy to respond and assist you.

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