A seamless system that can easily handle winery booking requests for the restaurant at the winery, functions at the winery, tours at the winery and tastings at the winery in one simple and easy to use booking and operational management system.

WizButler provides the best and most dynamic booking and management system for wineries

With the increasing demands of customers and the variety of experiences that wineries can offer, WizButler allows your marketing team to be even more creative in your offerings. WizButler allows for the easy set-up, sales and control of ticketed events indoor or outdoor with or without food and beverages included. WizButler also allows for different pricing for adults and children with different menus and where all menu selections are summarised and presented to the kitchen in a simple and easy format for production.

To complete the process, automatic requests are sent to customers after their experiences to seek valuable feedback for your review.

Unique Features

Fine Dining, Casual Dining and Counter Service

Wineries with restaurants will need a system that can handle restaurant bookings and winery events. This is where the competence of the WizButler comes into play. It will help optimise all your winery events while making sure that your restaurant bookings are given the same importance.

The multiple different configuration settings and options within the WizButler system mean that each restaurant, café, bar, winery or other food and beverage venue can completely personalise and individualise the WizButler restaurant table booking system to meet their own specific requirements for the style of service, type of food and beverage offering, communication style with the customer, whether they wish to offer pre-ordering or dine-in ordering or maintain existing waiter order taking and service, whether they wish to offer electronic payments or maintain a combination that includes cash payments.

Simply put, WizButler is the personalisation champion that seeks to give you the tools to completely customise and differentiate your venue through digitalisation and not simply add your venue to a digitalisation production line where your restaurant is no different to any other venue.

Book a demo and we can easily show you how you can maximise the personalisation of your venue and individualise your customer experience.

Wine & Cheese Tasting

WizButler can easily organise bookings or ticketing for wine and cheese tasting events. The system can likewise collect pre-payment while offering your business a seamless booking and operational process.

Outdoor Activities

WizButler is not limited to organising indoor bookings. It can also help coordinate outdoor activities as well as prepare your run sheets for the outdoor activities.

Functions and Events

Coordinate your winery functions and restaurant bookings on the same integrated platform. No need to stress yourself over two separate and distinct platforms as you try to ensure that you do not double book or overlook anything. WizButler offers complete integration for winery and restaurant table booking system.


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