WizButler’s 4D Innovative, fully featured white label Restaurant 3.0 system

The world’s most scientific, advanced and professional real-time online restaurant booking system Australia and the world including, configurable widgets, variable meal duration times, table and floor plan flipping, automatically seating VIP’s to their favourite table, mobile seating app, configurable dynamic  algorithms, configurable dynamic floor plans and spaces, dynamic offering of menus, waitlist and standby management, butler service, configurable emails, customer messaging, payments, refunds and many other features all for a simple $99 monthly access, hosting and database management fee, plus a usage fee of only 5 cents per person booked

Additional, WizButler fully integrated modules that can be utilised for further small additional usage charges include: newsletters, SMS, MMS, functions, take away ordering, dine-in ordering, pre-arrival booking ordering, kitchen printing, gift certificates, members loyalty app.

WizButler ideal for single venues, multi-venues and enterprise solutions.

A subscription fee of only $99 per month.

Per venue for our 4D dynamic online booking system. 

plus only 5 cents per person booked to cover the cost of emails for bookings, confirmations, edits, inviting guests and customer feedback.

pricing in AUD