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Aussie Start-up & Venture Capital Summary! 10th of December

Overnight Success, 10 December 2022

Peter 10 start-ups announced new finding this week with Rokt annoucing a $3.5B valuation. Plus, 3 Series A’s and several seed stage rounds across B2B, AgriTech & BioTech

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World Cup Update: Croatia has knocked out Brazil, and Messi’s Argentina just beat the Netherlands. Argentina will now play Croatia. Morocco plays Portugal tomorrow at 2 AM and England takes on France at 6AM.

Aussie Raisins: Companies Looking To Raise

  • WizButler is looking to raise between $5-10M  (AFR)
    • WizButler suggests it has an algorithm that can more efficiently allocate tables at a restaurant, unlocking around 50% more bookings in real time. 
    • The business model is to charge restaurants a monthly fee of $99 plus $0.05 per customer.