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From burnout to balance: A business owner’s guide to managing stress and prioritizing mental health

Dynamic Business, 01 March 2023

Peter Petroulas, Founder, WizButler

“Running a successful business requires staying focused on your vision and validating its relevance in the marketplace. Redefining and developing new processes, methods, and systems is essential for standing out and avoiding being left behind. Prioritising problems and issues based on their impact on your vision will help you determine which ones to handle personally, delegate, or seek help for. Rushing decisions based on others’ time constraints can lead to poor decisions, so it’s best to stick to your preferred time frame.

“It’s crucial to be proactive and address issues as soon as possible, rather than bottling up feelings, ideas, or thoughts that could lead to stress. Adding structure and discipline to your routines and dividing your time between your business and personal life will help you maintain focus and balance.

“When focusing on business, stay in the zone, and unplug during personal time to avoid cross-pollinating problems. Planning for tomorrow and being alert can help minimise surprises, and celebrating personal and business achievements equally can help maintain motivation. Overall – if you focus on your vision, adapt and improve continuously, prioritise effectively, make deliberate decisions, be proactive, stay focused, maintain balance, and celebrate successes, you’ll be able to manage your stress and mental health, and successfully run your business.”